Product Warranties

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GRAND ROCK has implemented a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of  ISO 9001:2015. We have made this commitment in order to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable requirements. We have adopted the benefits of Quality Management Principles into our daily activities, which include the following elements:

  • Understanding that all interested parties are critical to our business relationships.
  • Leadership Commitment
  • Communication and the engagement of all employees.
  • Process approach.
  • Improvement.
  • Risk & opportunity as well as evidence-based decision making.
  • Relationship management



Grand Rock is dedicated to enhancing customer service and satisfaction through continual improvement of its products and services. To this end, we will provide our customers, associates, employees, stakeholders, and the community in which we operate, with product and services that meet stated requirements in a healthy, safe, and environmentally stable environment.



In the rare event that a product does not perform as expected, Grand Rock warrants its prod­ucts against failure due to defects in materials and workmanship for the period specified under Terms and Conditions for the particular part. Grand Rock obligation under this warranty covers replacement of the failed part including transportation charges. The Length of Warranty for replacement parts provided under warranty coverage is the balance of the warranty period re­maining on the part being replaced. Grand Rock is not responsible for labor costs. It is important that the customer handle, store and install all products properly. This warranty does not cover failure due to misapplication, misuse, abuse, neglect, rust through and corrosion (muffler), im­proper service practices or non-approved modification. If you have any questions about proper handling, storing or installation do not hesitate to contact Grand Rock. Due to the higher heat output of Emissions Components, Grand Rock cannot warrant the Chrome Plating for any item installed on any truck made after 2007. As a solution, ceramic heat barrier coatings can be applied at an additional cost, alleviating the concern. Thank you, Grand Rock appreciates your business and understanding of any inconvenience this may cause.




Grand Rock remains committed to provide the highest quality products in our industry to our customers. Striving in our continuing efforts, to “make doing business easier”, Grand Rock has revised the Returns Policy and Guidelines. These changes reflect our commitment to our customer satisfaction while maintaining our product quality and customer service. It is Grand Rock’s goal is to provide a disposition within 72 hours of your request or claim. Any credits found to be owed will be issued within 30-days of receipt and inspection. If you have product that needs returned for one or more reasons listed, please see our preferred way to submit online at Click on returns at the top of the page, review the returns policy posted, and click submit at the bottom of the page. The Claims, Warranty & Returns Form will require the following:

  1. Company Name, Grand Rock Account Number, and Claimant Contact Name.
  2. Original Grand Rock invoice number or Original PO number used at the time of order.
  3. Return reason. (i.e., Warranty, Shortage, Overage/Incorrect part, Damaged, Individual Return)
  4. Contact number and Email.
  5. Part number, Quantity, purchase price.

While using the online form you are also able to upload photos for submitting claims on transit

damage, products incorrectly made, or received wrong products.



All returns must be authorized in advance through a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number issued by Grand Rock. To ensure proper credit, please provide the original Purchase Order (PO) number or Invoice Number, as well as the part number(s) and quantity(s) ordered or received. Grand Rock issues RGA numbers usually within 72 hours of the request. All returns to Grand Rock Company must have the RGA number prominently and clearly marked on the outside of the box, or the shipment may be rejected. All return shipping cost are the responsibility of the customer.



No merchandise may be returned without permission and issuance of the Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) Number. Shipping discrepancies such as overages, missing goods, or receipt of wrong items must be reported to Grand Rock within 3 working days of receipt of order. In cases of Individual Return Request, they must be filed within 30 days of the invoice date. Individual Return Request exceeding 30 days may be declined or suggested to return on an Annual Return Request. Grand Rock Standard/Stocked items are eligible for return, Special Order, Custom Made to Order, and Obsoleted parts are non-returnable. A minimum 15% restocking charge may apply on all returning stock parts. RGA numbers are good for 30 days, for customers to return stock items to Grand Rock. Any items received after 30 days will be denied. Returning items must be in resalable condition otherwise the return will be denied.





All return discrepancies, including damaged items, unauthorized items not originally on approved RGA, shortages and overages, or Non-Grand Rock items will be communicated to the customer. If Grand Rock does not receive a disposition of goods within 10 business days (return to customer at customers expense, scrap, or other instructions) they will become property of Grand Rock. Grand Rock will then determine a disposition of goods, credit will not be issued, and items may be destroyed. Customer communication regarding return discrepancies will be reviewed and determine if item(s) are eligible for credit if the item(s) are not eligible the items will be returned to the customer at their expense.



Grand Rock is NOT responsible for merchandise while in transit, the carrier is. Grand Rock recommends that you should inspect all inbound shipments for any suspicious packaging damage, or highly visible damage. Shipments should be signed for after inspection, and note any possibly concealed damage or visible damage, and sign for delivery as such. In Freight deliveries, be sure to count the pieces you are signing for, and note on the Freight Bill any shortages or damages prior to signing. Items shipped under customer shipping accounts (3rd party), the customer is responsible for

filing the freight claim with their carrier. All orders shipped PPD, or PPA, Freight Claims must be made through Grand Rock. You can submit freight claims online or contact Grand Rock customer service. Be sure to sign the freight bill documenting possible/confirmed damage and or possible shortages. The following items are required when filing a Freight Claim:


  1. Freight Bill (delivery receipt) signed, documenting damage and possible shortage. If not notified correctly on delivery receipt Grand Rock reserves the right to deny claim and will not be responsible for any cost.
  2. Photos of damaged products.
  3. Customer (company) name and contact name.
  4. Customer PO number or Grand Rock Invoice number.

Concealed damage found after delivery must be reported to Grand Rock within 3 business days. Claims must include the following: photos of the damaged product, part number, Customer PO number or Grand Rock Invoice number.



Chrome-plated (EXCEPT WELD AREA), aluminized or stainless-steel parts used in exhaust applications are warranted against defective material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of sale to the customer. It is the responsibility of the Grand Rock distributor to inform customers of our warranty conditions and proper installation techniques. Grand Rock cannot be held responsible for damage done as a result of improper installation. If a part is determined to be defective, Grand Rock reserves the right to repair as needed and return the part that has been modified, altered, or otherwise damaged. Neglect is not warranted! Chrome parts should be kept clean and waxed. Warranty claims are limited to the purchase price, and Grand Rock is not responsible for labor costs. All warranty items that get returned will be reviewed for defects. If the returned product is found to be correctly built and/or is free from defect, Grand Rock reserves the right to deny any credits, and will return at the customer’s expense. The following information is needed when filing a warranty claim and customers should use our online return request form.


  1. Grand Rock account number or account name.
  2. Grand Rock part number.
  3. Original Grand Rock invoice number or Customer PO number.
  4. Photos of the failed product. (In many cases Grand Rock can determine the disposition on the claim from provided photos).

While using the online form you are also able to upload photos for submitting claims on transit

damage, products incorrectly made, or received wrong products.



All Grand Rock distributors are eligible for 1 annual stock return per year. Grand Rock distributors

should contact their Sale Representative before applying for an Annual Stock Return.

Grand Rock distributors are asked to follow the following procedure:


  1. Send Grand Rock (email preferred) and your sales rep a complete list of items you are requesting to return.
  2. The list needs to include the Grand Rock Invoice number or original customer PO number used at the times of purchase.
  3. Grand Rock will review the request and advise the items authorized for return, along with unauthorized items including reasons for denied items.
  4. Once an approved authorized items list has been approved, and all other criteria’s have been met (See criteria below), Grand Rock will issue the RGA number and provide it to the Grand Rock distributor and their sales rep.
  5. Items must be shipped back to Grand Rock within 30 days of the RGA number being issued, freight pre-paid. Collect shipments will be rejected.
  6. Items must be returned to Grand Rock in a way not to produce any damage, as parts should be returned in resalable conditions. Light parts on top of heavy parts and chrome parts well protected from other parts.



  1. Maximum 3% of previous year’s sales.
  2. 2 for 1 off-setting order required, and a minimum 15% restock fee will be applied.
  3. All items MUST BE in resalable conditions. Minimum 25% restock fee will be applied for items Grand Rock must repair for restock.
  4. NO obsolete, Custom, or Made-to-Order parts. Items MUST be a current catalog product.
  5. Items must have been purchased in the previous calendar year; any items older than one year of purchase can be denied for return.
  6. Annual Returns must adhere to the Annual Return Schedule or may be refused.



  1. East Coast Customers – September through December
  2. Central Customers – May through August
  3. West Coast Customers – January through April

Annual return processing times can take up to 30 days to review and inspect and check in your return. Grand Rock performs a line-by-line inspection based off the approved RGA.

Any denied or damaged items found, the customer and the sales rep. will be contacted for a

disposition of parts. Please see the Returns Discrepancies above for those details. Once the

incoming inspection has been complete, the RGA will be turned in to the credits department for processing and will be processed within 60 days.


Following the above return guidelines will ensure that each return is addressed efficiently and in a timely manner. Noncompliance will result in delays and possible rejections. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact Grand Rock Customer Service or your Sales Representative.