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Keeping your chrome clean and waxed, not only makes it look good, but it also enhances longevity of the chrome finish. Road debris and other air particulates can play havoc on chrome finishes and other metal surfaces exposed to the elements. Grand Rock introduces our new complete chrome care line, which is designed to help battle these situations. Our DEOX, when used at the first site of oxidation, is designed to clean and deoxidize all metal surfaces. This product minimizes streaking, hazing, burning or etching of the surface, and is the safest way to prep the metal before polishing. GLOW metal polish works the best with our DEOX to give your chrome that deep shine you’ve been looking for. GLOW can be used on several surfaces and can remove light scratches from plexy-glass, bug screens and even plastic lens covers. SMOOTH is a no-silicone cleaning wax. Designed for chrome and stainless surfaces it is also excellent on clearcoats, glass, and plastic surfaces. It can be applied in direct sunlight and extreme temperatures and it literally DUSTS off!

Warranty: Chrome-plated (except weld area) and aluminized parts, used on trucks and school bus exhaust applications, are warranted against defective material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of shipment. It is the distributor’s responsibility to inform its customers of our warranty conditions and of proper installation techniques. Grand Rock cannot be held responsible for damage done as a result of improper installation. If a part is determined to be defective, Grand Rock reserves the right to repair or replate only and return the part that has been modified, altered, or otherwise damaged. Neglect is not warranty!

Keep chrome parts clean and waxed!

Chrome Care

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