About Grand Rock Company

Our Mission Statement

To our valued customers, At Grand Rock, we promote and work hard every day to provide our customers with the highest possible solutions, while maintaining good business values. We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance. Our improved environmental outcomes can ride the coattails of our lean culture change; this is a win for our business, our customers, and a win for environmental improvement.

We have the widest selection of exhaust products and for over 40 years our quality, dedication, customer service and efficiency have been put to a test, and after all those years we can proudly say that we are ready to take another step with our customers towards a promising future.

Thank you, Grand Rock Team


Grand Rock utilizes over a dozen different types of machines to produce the quality exhaust pipes you see on trucks and in your favorite truck parts store.

From tube cutting machines, to NC and CNC benders, with end forming machines we specialize in quality exhaust solutions that will fit your application the first time!

To help us achieve the best fit, the first time, we use the latest Solid Works software along with CMM Roaming machines. Having the right tools and the right team gives Grand Rock the edge needed to produce over 95% of our product offering right here in house.


Chrome Quality

Nowadays, everything that you buy has the label "premium" claimed on the outside of the box. From your bathroom hand towel to the soap dispenser, everything (regardless of quality) is marked "premium".

  • So, what really makes Grand Rock's Chrome premium? Like painting a car or a fence, it starts with the right material and preparation. We start by making sure that our tubing is free from flaws including particle build-up, dings, dents or wrinkles.
  • After the forming process, the parts are wiped and cleaned to meet our strict quality standards. Each part is then layered and secured so that they do not become damaged during transfer from the manufacturing process. Following the manufacturing process, the product is pretreated to remove any grease and remaining debris. The result? Clean and flawless material.
  • The tube is then sent through a precision automated polishing process to bring the product to a mirror shine. The solution tanks used to plate our parts are specifically designed to plate tubing and are filtered continuously throughout the process to ensure that all of the particles are removed from the bath. Once the plating is complete, each part is checked, wiped, and cleaned to ensure that there is no particle build-up.
  • Finally, our Chrome Stack goes through a series of Quality Control checks reviewing the product top to bottom. Looking for any snags or burrs (commonly found on our competitor's products) or any other flaws in the chrome that may cause the chrome to fail after installation.

The process for plating a stack is not the same as most other automotive exhaust applications!

It takes time and experience - the type of experience that comes only with being in the chrome stack and exhaust business for over 40 years working to get the right mixture and the perfect process.

In the end, the difference is one that you can see and feel! It takes more than just fancy advertising and choice words to call your product premium! At Grand Rock we deliver on our promise of providing a premium, quality part! See for yourself.


Our pledge to you is to support and grow your exhaust business with a superior and wide variety of products, excellent pricing, excellent customer service, and on-time damage free shipping. On large stocking orders cardboard divides the layers - we do not THROW parts into skid boxes, so they arrived dented and damaged! For smaller ground shipped items we consolidate packaging to ship the best way, trying to eliminate lost or damaged packages. Whether it's chrome or an aluminized product, it's packaged with care!

GRAND ROCK is proud to be an American manufacturer

We’re not just another packaging company that has products made offshore for us! This way, we can provide quality products where WE set the standards. Tubing comes from Ohio and Nebraska, many of our clamps come from Michigan, bending machines and other production equipment are manufactured/assembled in the USA, etc.

  • Our chrome platers are located in North America and they plate our chrome parts at or beyond OE requirements. GRAND ROCK chrome is considered show chrome grade amongst our customers and discriminating buyers.
  • Many of our mufflers, flex hoses, brackets, rain caps, and muffler and pipe shields are also made in the USA and Canada. In all, about 98% of everything we carry, and sell is made in North America. We have some very high-quality products manufactured to our specifications in Mexico and other European countries.
  • It is our firm belief that manufacturing, and industry built this country to be the greatest in the world, so we are proud to be a part of this foundation. You can be sure that GRAND ROCK places a high emphasis on quality, and we stand behind our products while being competitively priced.

Thank you for being a valued customer of Grand Rock

“Customers are the key ingredient in order to achieve any goals!
You got to have customers and you got to have happy customers. That is the bottom line.”

– Mark Cuban

Grand Rock values the voice of the customer. As a family-owned company over the past 40 years, Grand Rock strives to deliver the highest level of customer service experience, dedication, and to be the premiere exhaust solutions supplier/manufacturer in the industry. Please do not hesitate to contact Grand Rock with any ideas/concerns to enhance your Grand Rock experience. It has truly been a pleasure to serve you, our valued customer.